What we do

Kebbi Investment Promotion Agency (KIPA) is a government agency established by the Kebbi State Government to perform the following:

The Kebbi Investment Promotion Agency (KIPA) is a dynamic and multifaceted organization committed to driving economic growth and development in the state of Kebbi. KIPA serves as the cornerstone for private sector engagement and investment activities within the region. Its core mission is to create an enabling environment that fosters business and investment, ultimately advancing social and economic prosperity for the state.

KIPA acts as a catalyst for progress in various crucial ways:

  • Enabling Environment: KIPA advises and assists the government to create an enabling environment for business and investment to foster social and economic growth and development in the State.

  • One-Stop Hub: It serves as a comprehensive one-stop shop for all private sector-related investment activities in the State.

  • Infrastructure and Services: KIPA leads in Private Sector Participation in infrastructure development, service delivery, Public Private Partnerships, commercialization, and privatization transactions, even where they are identified and managed by other Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

  • Standards and Regulations: KIPA establishes standards, procedures, and regulations for the execution of Public Private Partnerships, commercialization, and privatization transactions in the State.

  • Development Finance: It aids the Government in securing development finance from multilateral and bilateral development partners as well as private investors, both domestic and foreign, through diverse financing options.

  • Negotiations: KIPA acts as the lead negotiator in deals with private investors, considering the needs of the State and its citizens.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: It aids in the establishment of a framework for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the State’s strategic investment programs and projects for effective implementation.

  • Capacity Building: KIPA assists the State in building capacity for investment project identification, evaluation, planning, execution, and management.

  • Database Management: It develops and maintains a comprehensive and reliable database on investment opportunities, especially in areas where the State has demonstrable comparative and competitive advantages.

  • Coordination: KIPA establishes a framework for identifying, engaging, and coordinating all government agencies responsible for the entire investor experience in the State.

  • Liaison: It maintains liaison between investors and the Federal Government and its agencies concerned with investments of the State.

  • Research and Publications: KIPA periodically conducts research, publishes, and revises data and information on the investment status of the State to assist prospective investors in evaluating the State’s potential as an investment destination.

  • Incentive Information: It provides and disseminates up-to-date information on incentives available to investors.

  • Investor Engagement: KIPA identifies, engages, and creates a database of reputable prospective and potential investors, both domestic and foreign, on available investment opportunities in the State.

  • Promotion Activities: It organizes and monitors all investment promotion activities of the State.

  • Capacity Building: KIPA conducts training and workshops aimed at building the institutional capacities of State Government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies and other relevant stakeholders in investment promotion.

  • Land Management: It works with the State agency responsible for land allocation to identify and document available land for various uses, optimizing land allocation for economic development.

  • Recommendations: KIPA coordinates the implementation of the various recommendations of the State Executive Council on investment issues.

  • Feasibility Studies: It provides support in the development of feasibility studies on investment projects in small and medium enterprise supported sectors.

  • Administration: KIPA arranges for the payment of allowances of the Board members and handles other related matters.

  • Additional Functions: It performs other functions deemed supplementary or incidental to the achievement of its primary purpose under this Bill.